MABLeadership Presents:

Coach Approach To Self-Leadership and Beyond


If you are:

  • interested in self growth and how the coach approach is beneficial and valuable to you
  • someone who people come to for advice and are looking for a structure to better support them
  • interested in becoming a professional coach, and looking for an approved path in sync with Torah Hashkafos

Coach Approach to Self-Leadership and Beyond is for you!


* Approved Coach Specific Training Hours course by the ICF
    Participants receive official diploma that can be used towards the requirements of an ACC
* Morning and evening classes available
* Small class size to maximize the learning and training
* Classes given by Rabbi Shalom Storch  


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Our Vision:

To provide opportunities for everyone to tap into their internal energy and achieve personal fulfillment; leading to personal and professional authentic happiness.


Our Mission:

To train gifted people in the community with the skills of coaching to assist others in creating and designing conscious and mindful decisions, leading to authentic happiness in their lives and in the lives of those around them.




MAB Leadership is a leadership training program accredited by the ICF.




"Those fortunate enough to study educational methodology under Rabbi Storch's tutelage are bound to become successful in their field."
Rabbi Hillel Mandel

Educational Consultant and Teacher Trainer

"The course provides a road map to becoming a more wholesome person."

Yaacov Weiss,


"Anyone with an open mind to improving themselves will truly benefit from Shalom's coaching."

Ari Greenbaum,

General Manager, Networx

"The coaching helped us become more of a team and has been really beneficial to the whole family unit!"

A Grateful Parent

Lakewood, NJ

"Shalom helped me understand myself in ways that not only improves my life but allows me to help others understand that there is an opportunity for growth in every situation."

Chad Varnas

Senior Sales Manager, Networx

"I really enjoy Rabbi Storch's approach to each subject. He is truly a gift and I treasure each class."

Sandra Allen

"The tying in of Torah hashkafah is incredible!  I would recommend any Torahdik person to Rabbi Storch's approach!"

Hindy N